Where are Olang boots made?

Olang boots are known for their quality, style, and innovative features. The brand is a pioneer in introducing fashion boots made in Europe to the Canadian market, equipped with integrated crampons created exclusively by an Italian company. All Olang boots are made in Europe, with the brand proudly sourcing all of its raw materials from Italy, ensuring the highest quality and craftsmanship in every step of the design and manufacturing of their boots.

The boots are designed to provide exceptional comfort and protection in winter conditions. They are equipped with the brand’s patented OC System®, which consists of steel studs that grip ice and snow, providing extra traction and stability. Additionally, Olang boots feature an Olantex water-resistant membrane, ensuring that the feet stay dry and comfortable in wet, snowy conditions. The boots also come with a range of impressive features, including a comfort zone up to -30°C, waterproof base, vegan wool lining, and sturdy outsoles with grips by OC System®.

In terms of maintenance, Olang boots are easy to care for. They are treated during manufacturing and require little maintenance. A simple damp cloth is enough to maintain the boots, and it is important to properly and regularly maintain the boots worn in the snow to ensure their longevity. Properly drying the boots after wearing them in freezing rain or snow is recommended to ensure their longevity.

In conclusion, Olang boots are a reliable and stylish choice for winter footwear, made in Europe with a focus on quality, comfort, and innovative features. Whether navigating icy sidewalks or trudging through deep snow, Olang boots are designed to keep the wearer stable, comfortable, and fashionable in cold, wet conditions.