Our Services

Heel Repair


Damaged heels are usually the first thing to wear out on a pair of shoes. A range of circumstances cause heels to break, from uneven terrain to wear and tear. Sometimes you will need just the tip of the heel replaced and other times you’ll need a complete heel replacement. But don’t worry! We have everything we need to get your favorite pair of shoes restored to mint condition.



After heels, the sole of a shoe wears out the fastest. Our shoemakers can extend the life of your favorite pair for years past it’s normal life span. There’s no need to have to buy a completely new pair. Soles in good condition are key to your comfort and support, especially if you are on your feet for long hours. Whether you need worn out places to be reinforced or an entirely new sole, we’re ready to take care of you.

Cleaning and Shining


Leather experts at SLG Factory Brands now say that cleaning and polishing our leather goods is crucial to keeping them in their best shape. In addition to removing dirt and stains, cleaning and conditioning will prevent the leather from becoming dry and cracking while polishing with smooth the surface and bring out the warm natural color of the leather. This extends the life of your leather goods by protecting them from moisture, scratches and dirt that could cause permanent damage.

Enlargement Shoes


No one wants to wear shoes that cause blisters or are too tight. Thankfully, there’s a fix for that without always needing to buy a new pair of shoes. Our expert hands know how to stretch leather into submission so bring us the pair that’s causing you trouble, and we’ll be happy to help.

Dyeing Leather Shoes and Handbags


It’s the perfect bag or pair of shoes except one little problem…wrong color. This is a tricky thing to correct because it requires the correct textile dye, brushes, tape and know how. We have the right products and professional experience to help you get the color you want.

Other Services


Leg width adjustment (boots)

Carnation change

Zipper replacement

And more (just ask us!)