About Us

When you’ve invested in a high quality pair of shoes, the frustration of a broken heel, loose stitching or a sole wearing thin is very real. Some of us are lucky enough to have found the perfect pair of shoes and, after keeping us comfortable for many miles, we simply can’t tolerate the thought of getting rid of them when a little extra care could do the trick.


Since 1990, Cordonnerie Atelier Confort has been servicing specialized comfort shoes in Carrefour Laval. We have made it our business to restore life and comfort to your favorite leather goods. Your treasured shoes, boots and purses will be placed in proven and capable hands and lovingly restored or repaired, ready for many more years of enjoyment. After three decades of combined experience in shoe and accessory repair, we are confident you will be satisfied with our work that has stood the test of time.


In addition to our many years of experience, we are proud to be family owned. Very few long-standing family businesses exist today, so we know we offer you something special when you walk in the door. Our work ethic and high quality results have stayed the same for over 30 years. In fact, we have a hunch it’s why our customers return to us time after time, and our goal is to put you and your satisfaction first.


Cordonnerie Atelier Confort is located in the Carrefour Laval. We are easy to get to and look forward to taking care of your well-loved shoes and accessories just like you would. We want you to leave our shop in more comfort than when you walked in and, if our track record is any indication, you will.


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